Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Build Your Own Final Girl

So you read the post about the Final Girls of horror, and you want to create your own? Simple! Follow our simple formula for creating your own final girl! Base her off yourself, or something you'd like to see more of in horror movies!

Step One: Choose a personality.
Do you want a bubbly girl? One who is open with her sexuality? A girl who loves animals? Maybe someone who flunks every test but reads neuroscience books for fun. There are millions of types of girls and in horror movies, we only ever see a couple!

For my Final Girl, I'll pick my own personality type- quiet, crafty, and not particularly athletic.

♥  Step Two: Choose an outfit.

For my final girl, we have a white lace top for innocence, a black skirt so blood doesn't show, knee highs for running through the woods and avoiding scrapes, and black flats- all the better for escaping with, my dear!
(all clothes pictured from Target) 

♥  Step Three: Choose a villain
Villains! How fun! Would you like your final girl to defeat a superhuman man who wears a mask?  How about a serial killer based in reality? A vampire? A madman with a fixation? What kind of creeper will your girl own?

Although my favorite final girls all fight serial killer types, my final girl would fight something a little more magical, but I'd want something pretty scary too- how about an evil sorcerer who eats children? Maybe like the creature in Pan's Labyrinth, with the eyes? (If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean.)

♥  Step Four: Choose a weapon.
You can go with the classic Final Girl phallic weapon, or choose something a little more yonic. You can always go with a sword, a knife, a bow and arrow- let's be a little more creative than a gun, yeah?

My girl would have my favorite objects- knitting needles. Let's say that she finds some magic in herself too, because witchy girls are my everything. (And knitting is a little like magic, isn't it?)

Combine and shake until thoroughly mixed. What's your final girl like? Tell me all about her!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with this. I saw Wes Craven speak the other day and I geeked out so I am so on board with your love for Final Girls. The knitting needle weapon is so perfect...this is the coolest!