Friday, October 11, 2013

Interview with a Real Life Girl Fighting Evil: Jen at Achromatic Gold

Jen at Achromatic Gold explores make up in unique and beautiful ways. While giving you autumn make-up colors or suggestions, she also gives you looks inspired by mermaids and the galaxy, or a Halloween deer look! Not only that, but she's incredibly kind and wonderful. Her Tumblr is filled with beautiful images as well!

1. What does make up mean to you?
Makeup is, boiled down to the simplest of terms, art. The face is a canvas and with a little practice, you can transform yourself into anything you’d like. The “rules” that are sometimes presented are meant to be broken. If someone can use makeup to become a skull or a lion or a monster, you can do anything you want with it. But it’s more than that—it’s how a person can control how they look and that’s powerful.

2. On your beauty blog, you have looks inspired by mermaids and the galaxy. Why do you like to make looks for such themes?
I think it’s important to break out of the norm and draw inspiration from everything. It forces you to utilize that all-powerful talent of creativity because you can find a single picture that you’d like to use as inspiration, but how can you make it translate into a look? There are so many themes you can use that go unnoticed! It’s fun to emulate the immensely talented people in the beauty community, but it’s even more fun to come up with something original that you can claim as your own and therefore inspire others to do the same.

3. What makes you feel brave?
Taking the leap. This is something with which I struggle every single day because I have such a fear of failure, but I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that failure is something to experience. It doesn’t have to mean jumping off of a cliff with no end in sight; it might mean making a phone call you’ve been dreading or putting yourself out there, whatever that might mean to you, but I always feel better after I take a chance and succumb to sponteneity.

4. What are your top five beauty must haves?
Tough one! Definitely a good concealer, and I’m still collecting them until I find the perfect one myself. A brow pencil because sometimes just filling in your brows makes you look so much more put together without much effort. Black gel liner plus a brush because everyone loves a good winged eye. One bright eyeshadow in your favourite colour because if you’re limiting yourself to five products, you definitely need something fun! Aaaand probably a My Lips But Better shade of lip stain so it’s low-maintenance.

5. If you were trapped in a world where demons were attacking, what would be your weapon of choice?
Ideally, my words and some berry lipstick! I’m a writer on my better days and I’m always trying to improve, but I’d like to think that my words are sharp enough to slice up some demons, and a dark lip always boosts my confidence. (As it should! Readers, don’t be afraid to try something new!) But barring that, I think I could do battle with a bow and arrow. I’m the clumsiest person alive so up close and personal is definitely not an option, but the first time I tried archery, I managed to hit bullseye.

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