Monday, October 28, 2013

Real Life Girl Fighting Evil: Rochelle Ballantyne

Rochelle may just become the first African American female chessmaster, and she’s only eighteen. She was also the only girl featured in the documentary Brooklyn Castle, a movie about a chess team at an inner city school.  She’ll be going to college this year on a full scholarship to Stanford. Recently, she played a 20-board simul against DC students.

It's incredibly to recognize girls like Rochelle making names for themselves in chess, a game traditionally dominated by white males. She's still just a kid, and may completely disregard chess as she grows and changes. But her impact will remain, and other little girls will see Rochelle and will know they can win too.

Visit the Brooklyn Castle website
Watch Rochelle play chess with Mad Men star Jon Hamm
Read an interview with Rochelle in Seventeen magazine

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