Monday, October 7, 2013

Real Life Girl Fighting Evil: Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire is probably my favorite contemporary poet. She writes beautiful poems about war, women, and a combination of the two. She has recently been named the first ever young poet laureate for London! She is a twenty four years old Kenyan-born Somali woman living in London.

You think I’ll be the dark sky so you can be the star? I’ll swallow you whole.

I cannot recommend her poetry enough. I am inspired and awed and overwhelmed every time I read through her poetry book Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth. Her command of language is exquisite. Each word is a declaration of war for herself, for women. Her poetry comes as a war cry, as a piece of a war-torn culture and as a piece of a modern woman. Reading her poetry gives me a feeling of power and strength that comes out so rarely. Read her poetry. Embrace your brave.

Give your daughters difficult names. Give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right.

You can buy Warsan's poetry here.
You can follow Warsan on Tumblr here or on Twitter here.
Read an interview with Warsan.
Listen to Warsan's poetry here.

To my daughter I will say, when men come, set yourself on fire.

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