Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Links to Fight Monday's Evil

I'm a huge fan of Emily Martin's art. I have some of her postcards hanging in my room! This print breaks my heart in the best way. I have a Thing for Nessie.

♥ GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. Tina and Amy will be back to host the Golden Globes for the next TWO YEARS. It almost makes up for Family Guy hosting the Oscars. 

♥ And an animated teaser! How about a girl superhero called the Lady Bug? Take a look! 

♥ Do you love BBC America's Orphan Black as much as I do? Awesome, because they've announced a new sci fi show called Intruders!

♥  #justice4daisy Whatever you do this weekend, read this post.


  1. I just tweeted about that lady bug super hero movie...looks amazing! I think I need a pair of those earrings. :)