Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to Girls Fighting Evil!

Hello! Welcome to Girls Fighting Evil! This blog is dedicated to giving girls the strength to fight evil, whether that means fighting the Monday blues or fighting blood-thirsty monsters. We will talk about fictional girls fighting literal demons and real girls fighting metaphorical ones.

Every week, we'll feature some real life girls who we find inspiring, clothing we find appropriate for fighting evil, and whatever else we can think of!

There are two of us running this blog.

I'm Laura, and I'm a graduate student studying speech pathology, with a completely unrelated bachelor's degree in literature and film. I specialize in fairy tales and horror. On Tumblr, I post graphics and short (incredibly short!) stories about girls fighting evil. On Instagram, I post a lot of pictures of crafts. The only thing I love as much as good witches are wicked witches.

I'm Casie, currently a bookslinging editor living in Brooklyn. Besides the obvious love of books, I like to craft things and spend a good deal of time and money researching how to make afghan blankets, candles, homemade applesauce, you name it. You can follow me on the Twitters, where I talk about books and book news, or my Instagram where I focus on my other love, food. 

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