Sunday, December 22, 2013

Real Life Girl Fighting Evil: Kaley of Honeypie Headbands

Today's girl fighting evil is someone I've admired for a long time! Kaley runs Honeypie on Etsy, a delightful shop that sells beautiful floral crowns and adorable hair bows. She's incredibly nice and has a great blog! Her headbands are stunning, and guaranteed to make you feel like you live in a fairy tale.

1.  Your floral crowns are so pretty- I have one that I bought from you that I love. What about floral crowns drew you to them?
Well, firstly, thank you for supporting my shop! I started making floral hair pieces five years ago, I worked at a bank and the tellers had a pretty awful dress code. I'd always been a special snowflake, so I wanted something to show everyone I was more than an itchy sweater vest. I started out by simply gluing a few craft store flowers to a plastic headband. After receiving compliments at work, I posted more designs on Livejournal (RIP), and a friend suggested I try out this new website called Etsy. 

Ever since, I've been designing flower hair crowns, hair bows and clips with new and vintage supplies. I love it!

2. What makes you feel brave?
I feel brave when I'm a 'friend to myself' - when I take the time to comfort and console myself - just like I would for a friend. It always takes bravery to let down your walls, but being brave all starts with trusting yourself, knowing yourself, and loving yourself.

3. What are some of the challenges you face running an Etsy store?
Running an Etsy store on my own is tough, I'm responsible for everything from buying supplies and designing new pieces, to answering emails and running to the post office. I'm so grateful to have the customers that I do, they are so friendly and supportive. Every time I make a sale I can't help but smile. Someone out there in the world wants something that I made with my own two hands! I think the most difficult part of running my shop would have to be finding a balance between work and play. It's always hard to say no to plans with friends, or even just spending the afternoon on the couch, but most of the time you really need to commit to your work.

4. What advice do you have for other girls who are looking to start selling their creations, but don't know how to start?
If you are interested in busting into the handmade world of Etsy, or are planning on opening your own online shop, I would start by contacting any successful sellers that inspire you. Most of them (like me!) would be more than happy to offer any advice or feedback. I would also announce your shop "grand opening" with a giveaway (through Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest), link back to your shop in the post and you're bound to get some exposure.

5. If you were in a world where demons were attacking, what would be your weapon of choice?
Demons, eh? That's tough. In times like this, I always think of my Wood Elf character from Skyrim. I've maxed out her sneaking and archery skills and have found that's the most effective way for me to take down bandits, steal gold and cause a general ruckus. Those demons won't stand a chance against my light feet and sneaky bow!

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